Computer repair Sacramento

Computer repair companies have traditionally fixed consumers’ computers in their tech shops, but these days things are moving towards onsite computer repair. Consumers want their problems fixed as fast and conveniently as possible. 

Smart computer repair company’s understood that they had to offer onsite computer repair services to compete in the then, evolving market. Nerds On Call, a Sacramento computer repair company was one of the first to implement onsite computer repair and then online computer repair (a topic for another day).

These days having a computer repair technician come to your home or place of business is the norm. Although it’s common knowledge that onsite computer repair costs more, consumers know that the benefits far outweigh the cost. 

Below we’re going to discuss the top 3 benefits of onsite computer repair. 

#1 Convenience

With traditional in-shop repairs, you have to deal with more hassles. Especially if your desktop is having a computer problem and it’s not an all-in-one type device. Imagine unplugging all the cables, being without a computer for a day (if you’re lucky), and then returning home with your fixed computer only to try and remember how all the plugs fit in before. Not to mention any furniture hassles that get in the way. 

Granted if your computer problem is on your laptop, it might be more convenient and economical to bring it into a shop. However, there are some cases where it might not be. See reason #3.

#2 Save Time Away From Your Computer

In-shop repairs require you to bring in your device and wait to see if techs have availability for your computer to get fixed that day (tip: always try and sent an appointment!). Depending on how many technicians are on staff, your computer might not be able to get fixed in one day. And some problems such as a laptop screen repair can take up to 7 days (this includes parts being delivered). 

This time delay away from your computer, which in some cases is still “usable” can be put you at a disadvantage from your work or schoolwork. When you use onsite computer repair, you’re usually going to set up an appointment and talk to a technician in advance. Sticking to our laptop screen repair example, if you were to have an onsite repair, this could save you days of waiting for parts to arrive. Instead, your screen will only be fixed once the repair technician is ready and has the necessary components to get the job done. This saves you hours of time!

#3 Environment Troubleshooting

Sometimes there are external devices that cause problems that could only be seen at home or a place of business. The real problem could have nothing to do with what’s internally going on with the computer. Because the machine is “onsite” and in its natural environment, technicians will be able to understand the entire picture and diagnose a problem quicker. 

An example could be a customer says, “my computer isn’t connecting with my printer.” Well, the computer could be excellent, and the real problem is with the printer and wifi configuration. Another example could include your computer is only making sounds when you’re at home and not when it’s brought into the shop. These type of situations can only be addressed on site.


Onsite computer repair is not for every situation, but you can’t beat it when it comes to convenience, saving time, and onsite troubleshooting. Onsite services in Sacramento, California are not going to cost you an arm and a leg. There are companies, like Nerds on Call, who offer affordable onsite prices. The additional costs versus in-shop repairs are driving to a customer’s location, gas, and labor of work done. 

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