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How to Repair or Change Cables for a PDA or Handheld PC

Links to build and repair manuals for PDA or HandHeld PC cables. If you have written a repair report yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

3COM Palm III [archived link]Modifying the Newton keyboard for PalmPilot use, cable schematics.
3COM Palm [external link]Pinouts for cradle and hotsync cable.
Apple eMate [external link]Repairing Hinges and Display Cable.
Apple Newton MessagePad [external link]Newton to Amiga cable schematics.
Apple Newton MessagePad [external link]Make your own (serial) Newton-to-PC Connection Cable.
CASIO PB-1000 [external link]How to create a data cable to an Amiga or PC, repairing instructions are given also.
Dell Axim X50 PDA [external link]How to make a serial cable.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H1900, H2200, H4100, H4300 and Hx4700 series [external link]Selfmade serial cable.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H2210 [external link]Attaching a serial cable, cradle disassembling.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ 5550 [external link]Construction of an audio adapter for use with the iPAQ 5550 and a headphone/microphone combination designed to be plugged into a PC soundcard.
HP 100LX, 200LX, 700LX, 1000CX PalmTop [external link]Self made data cable to connect to a Siemens S25.
Nokia Internet Tablet 770 [external link]"No solder" USB Host method: Do you don't want to disassemble a hub and cross-solder a wire to supply power to the Nokia to enable USB Host mode? You may use a GoldX QuickConnect 5-in-1 kit and a portable USB hard drive cable instead.
Nokia Internet Tablet 770 [external link]USB Power Injector:How to build an USB cable that passes data but supplies +5V to both the 770 (to put it into USB Host mode) and the USB device.
Psion 5MX [archived link]Backlight cable cracks.
Psion 5MX [archived link]FlexiCable cracks.
Sony Clie PEG-S300 [external link]How to build a serial HotSync cable (PIN out and schematics).

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