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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a HP/COMPAQ PDA or Handheld PC

Do you want to repair your Hewlett-Packard - HP [external link] PDA or handheld computer? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for Hewlett-Packard - HP [external link] iPAQ, Jornada PDAs and handheld computers. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

HP/COMPAQ iPAQ [external link]USB or not to be: how to take apart the serial docking station and convert it to USB (in German).
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ [external link]How to use a PocketPC with a broken screen.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ [external link]How to build a car adaptor (schemactics, pictures, tutorial).
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ (unknown model) [external link]Red LED mini-modding.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H1900, H2200, H4100, H4300 and Hx4700 series [archived link]Selfmade serial cable.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ HX4700 [external link]A pictures illustrated instruction manual for replacing the NiMH backup battery inside the PDA.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ [external link]Attaching and wiring a serial keyboard (StowAway, KeySync, Apple Newton Keyboard), especially useful for handhelds eg the Ipaq that have no PS/2 ports or host USB.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ [archived link]Interfacing the Palm Stowaway Keyboard to the serial port.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ [archived link]PS/2 to RS-232 converter, adapter to convert PS/2 keyboard signals (e.g. of a Twiddler 2) to the RS-232 serial data needed by an iPAQ PDA.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H1910 [external link]An illustrated step-by-step take apart guide.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H2200 [external link]This picture gallery is dedicated to people which are curious about the insides of the handheld PC.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H2210 [external link]Attaching a serial cable, cradle disassembling.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H2210 [archived link]Disassembly.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H2210 [external link]Disassembly picture gallery.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H2210 [external link]Cradle disassembly and modification.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H2210 [external link]Serial power adapter mod.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H36xx [external link]How to convert the serial cradle to USB.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H3600 [archived link]Taking apart pictures.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H3600 [external link]Fitting a JTAG cable into the PDA.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H3600 [archived link]Disassembly pictures, cleaning instructions to remove dust from behind the display.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H3630 [external link]How to replace the battery.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H3800 [archived link]Fitting a JTAG interface to the PDA.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ 38xx/39xx [external link]DIY: battery replacement.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ 38xx [external link]Pictures from the inside and battery replacement instructions.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H4155 [external link]Chipsets inside.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H5400 [archived link]JTAG connectors.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ 5450 [external link]Building a wiggler like JTAG cable.
HP/COMPAQ H5450 [external link]An illustrated disassembly and JTAG HOWTO.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ 5550 [external link]Construction of an audio adapter for use with the iPAQ 5550 and a headphone/microphone combination designed to be plugged into a PC soundcard.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H5455 [external link]Disassembly picture gallery.
HP Jornada 420/430 [external link]RAM and chips inside the PDA.
HP Jornada 5xx [external link]Serial cable pinouts.
HP Jornada 680 [external link]Most old PDAs use CCFLs as backlights. While such a PDA itself can still be quite useful, the backlight sometimes is old or damaged. You can, however, replace it with a more modern and power-friendly solution: white leds. To do that in a power-efficient way, a bit more is needed, though.
HP Jornada 680/720 [external link]Cradle pinout, sync cable pinout, flashboard and disassembly pictures.
HP Jornada 680/690 [external link]Complete illustrated step-by-step take apart guide (in German).
HP 100LX, 200LX, 700LX, 1000CX PalmTop [external link]Self made data cable to connect to a Siemens S25.
HP 100LX, 200LX, 1000CS  [external link]How to install a backlight.
HP/COMPAQ HP 200LX [external link]An illustrated PalmTop adventure: detailed disassembly instructions and pictures.
HP/COMPAQ iPAQ (misc. models) [external link]Selfmade PDA stand.

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