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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a 3COM PDA or Handheld PC

Do you want to repair your 3COM [external link] PDA or handheld computer? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for 3COM [external link] Palm Pilot, Tungsten, Zire PDAs and handheld computers. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of a report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

3COM Palm III [external link]PalmDisplay - Use your old Palm PDA as a Display on your Linux Box etc. (in German).
3COM Palm III [external link]Cradle surgery: how to enable an old Newton keyboard to work with a Palm III.
3COM Palm III [external link]Alien Palmtopsy - CYBØRG/ASM puts his Pilot under the knife bringing you a view inside the PDA.
3COM Palm III [external link]Upgrading to 8MB RAM.
3COM Palm III [external link]Homemade 4MB memory extension.
3COM Palm III [external link]Convert your cradle into a battery charger.
3COM Palm III [external link]A Tilt Sensor Interface for the Palm Computing Platform.
3COM Palm III [external link]Convert your cradle into a battery charger (in German).
3COM Palm III [archived link]Modifying the Newton keyboard for PalmPilot use, cable schematics.
3COM Palm III [external link]It is possible to create a connector out of an old female Centronics connector.
3COM Palm III [external link]Eternal power for the Palm! (well, sort of).
3COM Palm III [external link]How to attach an external IBM-AT/PC keyboard (in German).
3COM Palm IIIc [external link]Homemade PDA screen protector: a small piece of dust can easily scratch the screen of your PDA when you apply pressure to it with your stylus. If you want to keep your PDA in mint condition, it is a good idea to keep a screen protector on the screen. These can be ordered online, but if you don't feel feeding over-charging companies try this protector made from overhead-paper.
3COM Palm V [external link]How to open the case and switch the DRAM chip (replace the 2MB one with an 8MB one).
3COM Palm Pilot [archived link]Disassembly and reassemblation pictures.
3COM Palm Pilot (PalmOne) [external link]This teardown shows step by step how the PDA was taken apart. Further investigation into the nitty gritty rendered it useless, but it revealed how you might replace the battery, replace the screen or clean out the keypad if you spill something sticky into it.
3COM Palm [external link]Replace a display, solving power problems and more.
3COM Palm m100 [external link]Upgrading to 8MB DRAM.
3COM Palm m500 [external link]Cradle: USB to RS-232.
3COM Palm Pilot 1000/5000 [external link]How to open the case, change the display and the memory.
3COM Palm [external link]Pinouts for cradle and hotsync cable.
3COM Palm Pilot 1000 [external link]How the 128K RAM card be changed into a 512K or 1MB RAM card.
3COM Palm Pilot 5000 [external link]How the 512K RAM card can be changed into a 1MB RAM card.
3COM Palm Pilot Pro/Personal/5000 [external link]How to achive a RAM upgrade (in German).
3COM Palm Pilot Personal [external link]How the 512K RAM card can be changed into a 1MB or 2MB RAM card.
3COM Palm Pilot Professional (later) [external link]How the 1MB RAM card can be changed into a 2MB RAM card.
3COM Palm Pilot Professional (early) [external link]How the 1MB RAM card can be changed into a 2MB RAM card.
3COM Palm Pilot Professional [external link]An illustrated tear down report with disassembly pictures.
Palm TX [external link]A huge picture gallery of a complete dissection.
Palm TX [external link]Pictures of the disassembled circuitry of the inside of handheld has been posted as part of the FCC approval process. Read on for the full TX guts image gallery.
Palm T5 [external link]The pop-up mechanism for the SD card is very fragile, if you pull out the card without first depressing it against the spring, even one time, it can be broken. Once broken the mechanism is no longer able to hold the card in against the connectors, and the SD slot is useless. Simply remove the spring now the card can be simply inserted and removed without the pop-up feature.
Palm Zire 71 [external link]An illustrated disassembly guide (in Japanese).
Palm Zire 71 [external link]How to resurrect a broken PDA by attaching a USB cable for charging.
Palm Zire 71 [external link]Take apart and repair manual with pictures.
Palm Zire 72 (now T|C) [external link]An illustrated take apart manual.

Beyond Repair: Cemeteries, Art and More

3COM Palm (all models) [external link]Palm PDA cemetery.
3COM Palm (all models) [external link] Welcome to the Palm Graveyard, the Internet's special resting place for desceased PDA's.

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